freightcourse is an online platform dedicated to providing comprehensive courses and content on supply chain management. Our website offers a range of educational resources covering topics such as shipping, logistics, freight, and various aspects of the supply chain.

Our Mission

We’re tackling supply chain education challenges head-on. Our mission is to provide affordable and accessible courses, empowering individuals to make a real impact in the industry.

Our Vision

We aspire to foster a collaborative and supportive network, encourage the practical application of knowledge in supply chain management, and aim to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of supply chain learning.

We aim to cultivate a dynamic community within the supply chain industry, where experiences are shared, questions find answers, and connections flourish.

We see a future where our platform is not just a learning resource but a thriving space for individuals to build relationships, fostering a supportive network that propels careers forward.

We aim to seamlessly integrate our industry-focused courses, fostering a paradigm shift in how knowledge is applied within supply chains.

Not only do we want to elevate the skillset of individuals but to strive for collective growth, shaping a workforce that propels the industry to new heights of innovation, efficiency, and global impact.

We are committed to delivering the most relevant, comprehensive, and interactive supply chain courses. Our vision is to be the primary destination for learners seeking course material created by industry-experts that delve deep into the intricacies of the industry.

We see a future where individuals can access a wealth of knowledge, enabling them to navigate and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of supply chain management.

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Meet the Management Team

Get to know the team that brings a wealth of experience, unwavering passion, and industry experience to our supply chain education platform.

& Co-CEO
  • Director at Alliance Transystem
  • CEO of Neuceed
  • Certified Trainer
  • 12+ Years of Experience
  • Manufacturing Background
Andrew Lin

Andrew, a seasoned multi-business owner, brings over 12 years of cross-industry experience to his roles in logistics, manufacturing, training, and education. With a certification as a trainer, he holds extensive insights into trucking, warehousing, and quality assurance within the supply chain industry.

Having successfully trained personnel from various businesses, Andrew has also undertaken consultancy projects focusing on productivity and business process improvement. In 2019, he co-founded freightcourse, where he channels his efforts into adding value to the industry by sharing knowledge gained from his diverse experiences.

Gerrit Poel

Gerrit is a certified international supply chain management professional with 16 years of industry experience, having worked for one of the largest global freight forwarders. Through his extensive background in the industry and working with large multinational clients, he was able to further improve his visions of maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in various supply chains.

In 2019, he co-founded freightcourse, where he spends his time teaching and writing guides on various supply chain-related topics. His overarching vision is to establish a dynamic learning platform for industry professionals, fostering their growth and development in successful supply chain careers.

& Co-CEO
  • Cluster Head of Supply Chain at DB Schenker
  • Certified Global Trade & Logistics Professional
  • 16+ Years Experience in Supply Chain Operations
Head of
  • Degree in Journalism
  • Background in Print and
    Digital Media
  • Professional Copywriter
  • Content and Social Media Marketing Strategist
Agnes Aui

Agnes is the Head of Marketing at freightcourse and seamlessly blends her strong background in content management with strategic marketing expertise. Her degree in journalism and years of experience in both print and digital media have given her the ability to master copywriting, social media management, newsletter marketing, and editing.

At freightcourse, her responsibilities extend to managing a content team, overseeing social media accounts, spearheading public relations efforts, conducting outreach and research, and playing a pivotal role in developing our comprehensive content strategies.

Our Advisors & Strategic Partners

We leverage the invaluable expertise of trusted advisors and strategic partners who hold pivotal roles in shaping and advancing our mission.

Derik, Boon Haur L.
Director of Nanyang Forwarding & Shipping Agency

Derik is a seasoned professional in the logistics industry, with a career spanning over four decades in Customs brokerage, including his role as a Managing Director. His qualifications and contributions have earned him a respected reputation as an expert in the field. Derik is an active member of the Certified Transportation Network (CTN), currently serving on the Ethics Committee, demonstrates his commitment to industry standards.

Beyond his CTN involvement, Derik’s organization is a founding member of the Asia Logistics Umbrella (ALU) Network, which has influenced logistics practices in the Asian region. His dedication to the growth and development of the logistics sector is evident through his founding role in a national freight forwarding network.